The Crowdsourcing Academic Research World Research productivity is at an all-time high, but it may be too high to justify academic research productivity in a global economy

There is no doubt that the world of research productivity has seen an extraordinary growth over the past decade.But what exactly is academic research research productivity? There are a number of ways to define it.Some consider it to be a combination of the following: the volume of research done per hour of work; the productivity of […]

‘We are in a different place’: Academic research and the Indian government

India has launched a new initiative to collect and analyse research from across academia and other disciplines to improve quality of knowledge.The project aims to boost the efficiency and competitiveness of research and to generate new ideas and products in fields such as social science, social engineering and human resource management.The initiative is the latest […]

Crowdsourcing Academic Stress Research Analysts

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have developed a system that can help identify and identify stressors in academics.Professor John Lister from the Department of Psychology said the system, called Academic Stress Analysis (ASA), was designed to allow academics to better understand the impact of stressful academic situations on their lives.“The system we’re building […]

Crowdsourcing Academic Research Benchmarks

On Thursday, the White House released the 2017 “Academic Research” benchmarking process.According to a White House press release, “the 2016 data shows that over half of the world’s colleges and universities are using research-based metrics to inform their decisions and deliver results that align with the needs of their students and the world.”In an email […]

Which academic research is available on the Internet?

On a recent Tuesday morning, I attended a panel discussion about the academic research available online.As an independent researcher and an academic who is interested in the academic process, I was interested in finding out what kinds of research are available on academic research sites.As I started browsing, I came across several articles.One article said […]


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