Why you should care about the academic conferences that will be taking place this summer

A list of academic conferences is going to be taking off this summer. There’s a few that are happening already and there are several more that will come online later this year. If you’re interested in attending one of these events, you’ll need to apply early. In addition, there are some very significant opportunities for attendees, speakers, and […]

What do academics think about austerity?

This week, a paper published in the journal PLoS ONE examined the impact of austerity on academics.It examined the academic stress of academic work, the academic productivity of researchers and the extent to which their work contributes to the productivity of society.In other words, what are the costs of austerity for academics and society?The researchers […]

Academic Research Institutions: Academic research sample

Academic Research Instances is a new blog series dedicated to the research research institutions that research students from across the world visit and the research they produce.The series will continue to grow with new posts as the academic research world moves on.Follow this link to get started: Academic Research Instance.Follow @AcademicResearchInstances for the latest updates.Share […]

How to get a more accurate read on LexisNexis academic content

Academia has been a major source of news for years, with hundreds of journals and journals offering articles and articles-in-progress.Today, we are looking at how to read and understand academic research.This post is a guide to what you should know about academic research, with links to the relevant articles and other resources.The purpose of this […]

How to get your academic research to work with Microsoft academic research lifecycles

In the academic research world, it’s not just about finding new ways to improve research.You have to also keep up with new technologies and how they affect your business.Microsoft’s Academic Research Lifecycle is a great way to help you keep up to date with the latest research and developments. In this article, we’ll show you how […]


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