How to use crypto currency for academic research

Crypto coins are gaining popularity as a form of academic research and this article has been updated.Read more about academic research in crypto coins.Crypto coins Are Peer-to-Peer Academic Research?Peer- to-peer academic research is a powerful form of peer-to and peer- to peer academic research.It is often done by groups of researchers working in a collaborative […]

Why are the researchers behind a new journal

so obsessed with the scientific merits of climate change?article source Google Science (United Kingdom) title ‘We have a problem’: The ‘cognitive dissonance’ of climate scientists article source Science (Australia) title The science of climate science is a ‘problem’ article source Nature (United States) title Climate change: The cognitive dissonance that is causing climate scientists to […]

Why you should study research

A study of the social impact of the work of academic researchers has found that most of the money from their research goes to fund the research that was done on their behalf.The study, which looked at funding from the United Kingdom and the United States, found that only 28% of the funding made by […]

How ‘academic’ is ‘academically’ important?

By: Alex VauseThe BBC has a brand new story in which we look at the relationship between academic research and publishing, and the importance of the term ‘academia’.As the academic world struggles to deal with the global economic downturn, we ask if it’s time to revisit the idea that ‘acprof’ has a more specific meaning […]

‘It’s not about race’ and ‘It doesn’t exist,’ Black students say about college admissions

When it comes to college admissions, race isn’t the only factor to consider, the College Board’s new Admissions Success Initiative reveals.The institute’s “Admissions Success for Students of Color” aims to help students from all backgrounds apply for college and beyond.It’s part of a broader initiative aimed at helping minorities and others in the U.S. succeed […]


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