A Biblical Account of Academic Research in Ancient Israel and the Land of Canaan

The Lad Book of the Fallen article A Guide to Academic Research and Publication in Ancient Judaism and Christian Christianity article A Book of Prophecies and Writings on the Prophecies of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah, and others,and others.A Guide to Research in the Old Testament.A List of Academic Researchers in Ancient Palestine.A List of Scholars […]

Why College and Universities Should Be a Major Research Facility

In the past, many colleges and universities used to spend all of their money on research.However, the costs of higher education have skyrocketed, and the need for higher education is growing.College and universities need to figure out how to leverage the resources they have now to be able to support research and to also support […]

Academic Research Funded By Australian Government for the Development of New Products

Posted December 01, 2018 08:59:59The Australian Government has committed $10 million towards the development of new products and services for academic research.The Australian Academic Research Alliance (AARA) has been granted $2 million by the Government to support research that could lead to innovative solutions for research infrastructure.The Government will work with the AARA to develop […]

How to use your own email to track academic research

As the academic research workflow grows in popularity, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to take advantage of the tools available to them to track the research activity of their members.But the most popular workflow is not the one most academics use.This article outlines how to track your own academic research in an efficient, […]


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