A University of California at Irvine professor accused of bias and bias intimidation is getting a “new lease of life” after being placed on administrative leave following the UC Berkeley incident

UC Berkeley professor Christina Hoff Sommers, a “feminist” and “social justice warrior” who has been accused of a slew of harassment and intimidation over her position at the university, is getting “new life” by UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks.Sommer, who has received threats and abuse over her role at the school, was placed on leave […]

How to read the academic research notebook

The academic research is a fascinating field, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking at.Luckily, we have an excellent resource on the subject, and we’ll take a look at a few of the most interesting and useful pieces of academic research that you might want to keep an eye on.1.Academia […]

Academic Research Funded By Australian Government for the Development of New Products

Posted December 01, 2018 08:59:59The Australian Government has committed $10 million towards the development of new products and services for academic research.The Australian Academic Research Alliance (AARA) has been granted $2 million by the Government to support research that could lead to innovative solutions for research infrastructure.The Government will work with the AARA to develop […]

When are students in the U.S. taking up academic research?

When are they studying?When?What is the current state of academic research in the United States?article As students of all types in this country, we all share an interest in academic research.However, the extent to which students in this nation are engaging with the profession is not well understood.In the U-S., our government continues to push […]

A study of academic nursing research bias is wrong, says research

The Wall St. Journal,N.Y. — A new academic research paper published Monday finds that research has little impact on hiring decisions in academic nursing, with the exception of one important finding: Academics are often overqualified to do research.The research, published in the journal Academic Nursing Research, looked at the tenure track at a large medical […]

Microsoft Academic Research Research: Microsoft Academic Finds ‘The Perfect Place’

Microsoft Academic research has been identified as one of the most important areas of research for researchers across the world.The report, released this week, highlights the role that Microsoft has played in helping academic researchers around the world to reach their goals.It says that over half of Microsoft’s research has had a significant impact on […]


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