Facebook is trying to get rid of ‘unacceptable’ ‘offensive’ content

Facebook is being accused of censorship of some of its users’ most widely used memes after censoring one of its most popular political memes.In a letter published on the social network’s website on Tuesday, the UK-based Open Rights Group (ORG) claimed Facebook had “deleted more than a million accounts” from its platform, including one that […]

How to Use Academic Marketing Research to Grow Your Business

What are the best strategies for researching and building a product?How do you choose the best products to market to your audience?What can you do to increase your sales by 10% by marketing to a particular demographic?These are all questions that I’m sure you’ve had.I’m here to help.I’ve been doing this a lot, from researching […]

Fox Sports’ Academic Freedom Research aggregator to be shut down [Fox Sports]

Fox Sports will be shutting down its Academic Freedom and Research aggregators as part of a strategic review of the company’s business.The news comes amid growing concerns about the future of academic research in the media.Fox Sports, which is owned by Time Warner, said on Thursday that it would be shuttering its Academic Research aggregation […]

Academic research aggregators use Facebook and Twitter to boost their rankings

A number of academic research aggregation sites have taken advantage of Facebook and other social media platforms to boost the visibility of their articles and the value of their content, according to a report by research firm ATSO.The research firm also said it’s concerned about the impact of such platforms on the academic research community.“Facebook […]

What you need to know about the new Dublin-based academic research aggregators

Academic research collaboration is a huge business for the University of Dublin and it will be important for the future of the school if it is to remain viable.In an article on the new research aggregations, which have been launched in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe, the Dublin University’s Research and Innovation Centre said that […]


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