A survey conducted by the University of Delhi’s Graduate Studies Centre (GSCC) of 1,095 students in 2012 found that students in all the academic research fields, including academia and management, are the most likely to be hired for librarian roles.

In contrast, the survey found that in non-academic fields such as IT, computer science and business administration, the numbers of librators are lower than in academic research.

The study was conducted by GSC and surveyed students across all the disciplines of academics, managers, and administrators, with the aim of identifying the libratory roles available across the academic disciplines.

According to the GSCC survey, libraries were the most common academic librarian job in India, with 8.9% of students having had the job.

The majority of these students were from the business and IT fields, with students in these fields accounting for 18.6% of the students surveyed.

However, while the numbers are higher in the IT and management fields, there is no clear pattern across all disciplines, with only 14.7% of respondents having had a librarian role in the past 12 months.

In comparison, the study found that only 13.4% of business and management students had had a job in the same period.

Students in business and administration are also the most commonly hired for academic libratories.

According to the survey, students are more likely to take up the role of librarian if they are already employed as an academic researcher.

They are also more likely if they have some previous academic experience.

While a student in IT, business administration or management who has been in the position for 12 months or more is more likely, those in IT and business management are more confident that they can succeed as library.

The survey also found that while the students in management, business and other academic disciplines were more likely than those in other disciplines to take the librarian position, they are less likely to pursue the role as they are more interested in pursuing the academic careers in the future.

While students in other academic fields are more apt to pursue academic careers, students in humanities, social sciences, social work and health are more than twice as likely as those in any other discipline to choose academic lories, according to the report.


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