How to Use Academic Marketing Research to Grow Your Business

What are the best strategies for researching and building a product?How do you choose the best products to market to your audience?What can you do to increase your sales by 10% by marketing to a particular demographic?These are all questions that I’m sure you’ve had.I’m here to help.I’ve been doing this a lot, from researching […]

How to improve your resume? 3 tips for hiring an academic researcher

I’ve always found it difficult to make my resume stand out.I’ve had to rely on images that are just plain boring.But now, I can change that. In this article, I’m going to share some of my best tips to help you improve your academic research writing.You know that you can write your own research proposal when […]

The role of public policy in driving a radical transformation of public education

This paper discusses the research agenda of the academic Research Paper Initiative, which seeks to create a new model for public policy that focuses on creating an equitable and innovative public education system, with the aim of transforming the way the nation’s schools and colleges deliver learning for all students, and reducing inequality in access […]

Students’ experiences of academic research librarian jobs in India: study

A survey conducted by the University of Delhi’s Graduate Studies Centre (GSCC) of 1,095 students in 2012 found that students in all the academic research fields, including academia and management, are the most likely to be hired for librarian roles.In contrast, the survey found that in non-academic fields such as IT, computer science and business […]

How to avoid the #MeToo movement

I’m often asked by people how I avoid the harassment culture that has engulfed some of the most prominent women in the business world. Many have a similar answer: “You need to be very careful about who you work with.” I agree. It’s an important and effective response, but I’d like to offer a few tips for people looking […]

How to publish a research paper on academic research engines

The academic research poster is a great way to create your own research paper that you can use to get published on your own blog.This article will explain how to create an academic research paper using the free academic research software Acrobat.This article is part of our weekly roundup of new free tools and resources […]

How to write a post about a blog

The Irish News article The blogosphere has been abuzz with talk of the Irish Government’s new post-Brexit academic research plan.But what exactly does it involve?What are academics doing with their free time?Here are a few things you might not know about the new initiative: What the new research initiative is about The new research plan […]


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