The Irish News article The blogosphere has been abuzz with talk of the Irish Government’s new post-Brexit academic research plan.

But what exactly does it involve?

What are academics doing with their free time?

Here are a few things you might not know about the new initiative: What the new research initiative is about The new research plan has been designed to boost the competitiveness of universities by increasing research funding.

It has been dubbed “the best way for universities to stay relevant” and has been announced by Education Minister, Simon Coveney.

The scheme will involve a number of different initiatives, including:In a nutshell, universities will be given more money to invest in research projects and more support to make them more successful.

This will mean that they will have to invest more time in research, improve the quality of their research and create a more research-friendly environment.

The idea is that by creating better-funded universities, they will be able to compete with the rest of the country.

The government also wants to make it easier for universities and students to communicate about research projects, including by using social media and mobile apps.

So what exactly is this new research?

The Irish Government is seeking to create a system whereby universities and researchers are able to communicate directly to each other and to the public.

This could mean that researchers can post research results, photos and videos on social media or even get the data for a study and post it publicly.

What universities will receiveThe Irish government is also seeking to encourage the sharing of research results and data between academics and the public through the creation of a collaborative research platform called the ‘Open Data Partnership’.

This platform will allow the sharing and analysis of the data in the public domain.

In a press release, the Government said it would use the platform to “develop a collaborative model for public access to the data held by the research community and to provide the public with a platform for sharing, exploring and analysing data”.

The aim is to create “a collaborative environment for the public to contribute to and access the data”, the Government says.

What academics are gettingThe new initiative will also be linked to the Irish Research Council.

The RRC will receive funding from the government, but will also get some extra funding for its own research.

The RRC’s budget for 2016-17 is estimated to be €15 million, which is up from €12 million in 2015-16.

It also has some of the highest funding in Europe.

The new funding for the RRC comes from the Irish State, the Irish Agency for Science and Technology, the European Commission and the European Union.

The research councils will also receive an extra €20 million to invest.

This will allow them to invest “in innovative new research in areas such as digital innovation and social media”.

What academics and researchers will be doingThe new plans will also involve the creation and operation of a new, ‘academic research hub’ called ‘The Collaborative Institute’.

The hub will be run by the Department of Education.

This hub will include the Irish Institute for Social Research, the Universities Research Council, the National University of Ireland and the University of Dublin.

It will also include the National Institute for the Digital Economy, the Dublin Institute of Technology and other academic institutions.

It will be managed by the Institute for Public Policy and Governance, which was set up by the government to help facilitate research and policy discussions.

This is a big deal.

The hub will act as a platform, and a central hub for sharing and analysising data from academic research.

What does the government mean by “academic” research?

According to the new plan, academic research will be allowed to include both “research in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics” and “research involving academic researchers”.

The new plan also says that it will be permitted to publish research results “in their own right and for commercial gain”.

It is not clear what exactly the Government means by this.

Is there anything in particular the government is wanting academics to do?

There is no specific mention of academics doing research, but the new plans include some specific instructions for academic researchers.

In addition, the government will allow academics to “post their research online or through social media for the general public to view and download”.

This will include posts that are posted on the government’s new ‘Academic Research Hub’ website.

In the new guidelines, academics are instructed to “publish their research in their own rights and for a commercial gain”, which is “in line with their ethical and professional obligations”.

What does this mean for students?

Although there is no mention of students doing research on the new government’s plans, students will be required to comply with the new rules as they are “responsible for their own research, research plans and other research activities”.

So what does that mean for them?

While the new academic research plans do not include specific guidance for students, it is clear that they have been asked to follow the


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