Apple’s Apple Watch was designed to allow users to control their device remotely, but now that the device is available for purchase, there’s a growing concern that it could lead to the misuse of the technology.

The device’s design is also under scrutiny because the watch’s battery is expected to last for up to two years.

According to Apple’s FAQs for the Apple Watch, the watch uses batteries “up to 1,500mAh and up to 1.2W,” and uses up to 80 percent of the device’s power to do so.

The company says the battery lasts “for up to 20 hours, and can last up to 4 hours when connected to a charger.”

The company also says the watch can use “up or down” power modes, and uses the “power” button to select a preset mode.

It’s not clear what the actual limits are for the battery, but Apple says the device has “an extended life of up to 5,000 hours,” which is also what the AppleWatch said it lasted in our hands-on with it.

While the battery life of the Apple watch is impressive, there are also concerns that the watch could cause problems for people who are sensitive to certain chemicals.

In a study, scientists at the University of California, Davis and the University in Zurich tested the battery capacity of a group of people who had used the Apple Watches power mode for a week.

The researchers found that people who used the power mode “used significantly less energy during the entire study,” according to a news release from the University.

There are other concerns about the device.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that the battery could cause the device to “fail” and “break down,” and they also found that “the device could be prone to overheating,” according the University’s release.

Another concern is the watch battery, which was supposed to last around 15 hours.

It could last much longer, though, as a new study from the university found that users of the watch “used approximately 1,600mAh, and used approximately 80% of the battery.”

If you use the Applewatch constantly, you might think that the company would be careful to ensure that the batteries are used correctly, but it seems like the company is giving its users too much leeway with the batteries, according to the university.

“The design of the display itself is designed to minimize power consumption and provide the user with the ability to control the display, and these two factors make it particularly prone to power shortfalls,” the university said.


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