You probably already know this, but the way your research can be used on Facebook and Twitter is becoming a more important consideration for academics looking to promote their work.

That’s because it’s becoming increasingly common for academics to use social media platforms to promote research, rather than just get it published.

This can be particularly problematic for research papers, which are typically published online as articles, with the researchers receiving no credit for their work on the site.

With the rise of the social media, it’s increasingly difficult to maintain a level of editorial control.

This has led to researchers creating tools that can help them keep a more professional approach to their research.

Here are five ways to keep track of what you’re doing on social and offline.


Keep an eye out for the researchers you follow.

You might see some of the research from a particular researcher on one of your favorite social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook.

If they post a research paper, you can click the link to see more information about the paper and see if they’re following you back.

If you don’t follow them back, they’ll likely follow someone else, or at least have someone else follow them.

This way, you’ll know what you need to keep in mind when reading the work of a particular research paper.

If it doesn’t make sense to follow someone who’s following you, it can be difficult to keep up with all the other researchers that you’re following.

This is especially true for research paper authors who may have limited access to social media.

This makes it difficult to find out who’s writing the research paper in the first place.

In fact, there are many researchers who simply don’t know what their work is and rely on their colleagues to do the research for them.

So, it makes sense to keep tabs on who you follow and what they’re up to.

If there are researchers who follow you and you notice they’re doing research for you, check to see if you’re being followed back.

It’s best to ask the person you’re interacting with if they’ve seen your work and they’re interested in your work.

If the answer is no, then there’s a good chance they’ve been following someone else or they’re just trying to get attention.

If someone follows you and posts an academic paper, ask yourself whether you’d like to see that published.

If your answer is yes, it means that someone else is following you and sharing the work, or that they’re working with the researcher.

If that’s the case, you might want to contact the researcher directly and ask them to stop, or you can ask the publisher to remove their work from the database, as some publishers may be reluctant to remove academic research work that’s been published on their site.

If a researcher posts a research article, they might be looking for you to do some research for their paper, and this can be an important way to help them gain more social media followers.


Check the link.

It might seem like you’re already a fan of the researcher, but you might be unaware that there are a number of people who have followed you for years and are still following you.

To get to know those people better, ask them for their email address and phone number.

Many people are very busy with their academic research and don’t have time to send a follow request to every researcher they follow.

Even if you have a high profile academic researcher, you don,t want to waste time contacting them to ask them if they want to follow you back to keep them updated on your research work.

You should also ask them what they’d like you to find about your work before following them back.

You may have noticed that they tend to be very careful with the content they share with you, so be careful with what you share.

They’ll also want to know what other research papers they’ve written.

This information can be very useful for your research paper to be promoted to your social network and other research sites.


Check out their website.

The research paper that you posted to your research profile may not be as relevant to people on the internet as you thought.

If so, you should check out the research profile on the person who posted the paper.

Many researchers don’t like to put up their own research, but this can make them seem less professional.

If all you see is a link to their website, you probably shouldn’t bother contacting them.

If, however, they have a website and their work appears on that site, you’re in luck.

Many academic researchers publish their research online, and you can find it online in the public domain.

If any of the authors in a research publication has an email address, they can be contacted by contacting that email address.

The email address is the one that the author gave to the publisher and the address is their academic paper address.

If this is the case for a particular journal, it may be easier to find the address of that journal, and the email address that the


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