By Jennifer V. Johnson and Kate M. WilliamsAcademic research is one of the most powerful professions in the world, but a lack of funding has made it a challenging field for women.

In order to increase their chances of getting a research project funded, some of the brightest minds in academia need to get to know their potential employers and get involved in the process.

We spoke with two young women who are helping fill the gap in the academic research environment for women in the United States.

They are both PhD students at the University of Illinois and they are working towards a research fellowship.

Jennifer V. and Kate P. are two of the very few women in academia who are working on research projects at universities.

They have been doing so for the past four years.

Jennifer is a doctoral candidate at the Center for Advanced Research in Music (CAARMS), a division of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Kate is a Ph.

D. candidate in the Department of Music at UC Berkeley.

Kate is also a lead researcher on the upcoming video game music analysis project, which is currently being funded through the NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship.

Both women are interested in helping others find opportunities in academia.

In order to get into academia, both women had to take a rigorous exam to be considered for the fellowship.

In both cases, they have been able to do so, but they also have to pass an additional rigorous exam, which they both successfully passed.

Both Kate and Jennifer are part of the Emerging Voices in Music fellowship program.

This fellowship is designed to provide opportunities for young women and underrepresented minorities to pursue research.

In addition to mentoring other underrepresented students, they are also working on new research projects in areas such as neuroscience, computational linguistics, music, and video games.

Kate is the lead researcher in the music analysis research project, the project which is focused on the development of new methods of analyzing music.

Kate and I both completed the intensive and rigorous examination for this fellowship.

In addition to our own research projects, we also do research in the field of music, which includes working with young composers, performing in a music video, writing music for the film I’m In Love With You, and teaching a course in music theory to music students.

Both of these researchers are working together to find ways to improve their field.

Kate recently completed a project for the International Symposium on Music Theory, which involves the collaboration of a team of experts from music schools around the world.

Kate’s research focuses on developing better methods of understanding and analyzing music, including the development and analysis of digital music and the development, validation, and use of computer models for such analysis.

Jennifer has also completed a research proposal in the area of video games, which she describes as an extension of her earlier research on the music video.

Her research is focusing on how games might be used to teach children about their world, and the potential impact of video game narratives on children’s development and literacy.

In our first interview, Kate and we talked about their experiences in the academy and what they are hoping to accomplish with their research.

Jennifer and I have been interested in music since we were young.

We both attended music school in college and both had our own musical influences growing up.

When we were younger, we were inspired by the bands of the 1970s, and then by the musicians of today.

In my mind, it is still important for us to be a part of this music, this music community, and to be able to contribute to the advancement of music in a way that is meaningful and important to our communities.

In her recent PhD dissertation, Kate asked her students to write about their favorite albums of the last five years.

She asked them to think about the different artists they have listened to over the past five years, and she wanted to find out which albums inspired them most.

She also wanted to learn about which artists have the most music recommendations.

Kate and I had an interesting conversation about her project, and it turned out that it was an excellent way to start the conversation.

In fact, Kate also shared some of her music recommendations that she picked up while researching her dissertation.

The list includes some of my favorite songs from the last few years, as well as some of our favorite albums from the past few years.

Kate also has a list of all the people who are featured on her site and she is sharing those links with everyone who wants to follow along.

She is also sharing those list links so that anyone can download Kate’s music list.

One of the great things about the Emerging Places in Music program is that it gives students the chance to explore a diverse range of music.

When I first heard about this program, I thought that it would be a great way to get involved with a music program that is specifically focused on young people of color, which has a lot of women in leadership roles.

I found that this program is also very inclusive.

Kate shared that


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