By: Alex Pasternak, University of Chicago article  For decades, academic research has relied on traditional methods of academic publishing. 

The vast majority of research published in academia is produced and shared through an open and transparent process known as the peer review process. 

These processes are considered the gold standard for academic research. 

In the past, this model has had its problems, however, with a number of key aspects that have kept academic researchers from fully participating in the open research community. 

Researchers are largely limited to submitting their work to journal publishers through a variety of channels, including traditional peer review, peer review-only submissions, and a handful of other platforms. 

However, blockchain is changing this, and its impact on the academic research community will be felt for years to come.

Blockchain allows researchers to publish their work directly to the blockchain, which can then be accessed by any interested party. 

Blockchain, as we know it, is an open ledger, meaning that all information about it can be seen by anyone. 

This means that data, both scientific and otherwise, can be shared and manipulated, allowing researchers to better understand how the world works. 

But, as I will explain, this openness can also come with risks.

In the academic community, many of us have been waiting to see the impact of this model on the peer reviewing process.

For example, in the past few years, we’ve seen a growing number of research papers published that have had significant flaws in their peer review.

This has caused academic institutions to take the time to review their peer-review process, and many have implemented additional safeguards to mitigate the risks of being accused of fraud.

Blockchain can be a powerful tool for peer review in academic research, but it can also be problematic for the peer reviewer.

Blockchains have the potential to bring much needed transparency and accountability to the peer-reviewed academic research process.


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