(AP) — Academicals, researchers and the scholarly research experience are being affected by changing social and political circumstances in the United States, a group of researchers says in a report released Thursday.

The National Academies’ National Research Council, a research arm of the U.S. government, surveyed researchers and their families about the impact of the economic recession on academic research in the past decade.

The findings underscore how difficult it has been for many researchers to find work, said Daniel Daley, a doctoral candidate in public policy at Georgetown University and co-author of the report.

He said the report will help inform policy makers and policymakers as they consider ways to help the academic community thrive.

The report is the latest in a series of studies examining the impact that the recession has had on academic careers.

But it’s the first that offers such a detailed picture of the impact on research, said John Beddoes, a sociologist at George Washington University who is also co-chair of the survey.

The findings may help policymakers identify ways to improve the lives of those who research, he said.

The study found that many people who are still studying are struggling with the pressures of the recession, such as adjusting to a new work environment or dealing with the financial pressures of caring for family.

They are also having difficulty finding and retaining good faculty to support their research.

The survey also found that fewer than 10 percent of Americans have a job that is in their field.

The study also found, however, that the number of U. S. research positions is rising, with the number increased by 13 percent in the last year.

There are signs that many are now returning to their academic fields.

In the past two years, the number one occupation for young people ages 17 to 24 has risen to 29.

The number of jobs in that age group is also rising.

In some cases, the survey said, the change is not a result of the downturn.

A study published last year in the journal Economic Research Letters showed that in areas with a large percentage of minorities, a higher percentage of black researchers are finding jobs than are white ones.

The authors said that in those areas, they are also more likely to be in a field that is traditionally male-dominated.

The U.K. and other nations that were hit hard by the recession saw a rise in the number and number of doctoral degrees awarded, according to the survey, which was released Thursday at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

That, too, is an indication that the economy is benefiting from the downturn, the report said.

“It’s not clear that all the pain is being felt by academics.

But we’re seeing a greater number of people finding a job and a stronger job market,” Beddies said.

Many of those people may not be interested in working full time in their fields, he added.

But, in some cases they may be willing to take on new roles as research assistants, lab workers or part-time faculty members, depending on their ability and interest.

Many people in the U., like the people interviewed in the report, are in a precarious position.

The economy is still recovering, unemployment is still low and many are in school.

That may not last long, the study found.

The economy is recovering, but many are not yet fully recovered, the researchers said.


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