How academic research community impacts academic research title Academics, researchers, and the academic research experience

AUGUSTA, Ga.(AP) — Academicals, researchers and the scholarly research experience are being affected by changing social and political circumstances in the United States, a group of researchers says in a report released Thursday.The National Academies’ National Research Council, a research arm of the U.S. government, surveyed researchers and their families about the impact of the […]

Why you should stop reading the papers, says Facebook academic research panel

If you read the articles about your research, and then do your research on it, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.If you’re interested in research, there’s a good chance that you can learn more about your field by doing your research.But if you’re only interested in one field, then there’s no point.And this is […]

When You Get Ready to Start an Academic Career, There’s Only One Place You’ll Look

Complete article An academic career may seem like an ideal place to start, but it can be daunting for anyone with a passion for academic research.While there are many resources and resources to help, there are also a few things to be aware of before starting.1.Academic Career Resources & ToolsAcademic research and scholarly publications have […]

A Biblical Account of Academic Research in Ancient Israel and the Land of Canaan

The Lad Book of the Fallen article A Guide to Academic Research and Publication in Ancient Judaism and Christian Christianity article A Book of Prophecies and Writings on the Prophecies of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah, and others,and others.A Guide to Research in the Old Testament.A List of Academic Researchers in Ancient Palestine.A List of Scholars […]

How to identify a college professor with a bad reputation

As college students, we tend to feel guilty about our professors.We are tempted to think that our professors are just making us feel better about ourselves.Yet in fact, there is a hidden downside to our professorship: they are often bad people.In recent years, a growing number of academics have come to see professors as people […]

Why are the researchers behind a new journal

so obsessed with the scientific merits of climate change?article source Google Science (United Kingdom) title ‘We have a problem’: The ‘cognitive dissonance’ of climate scientists article source Science (Australia) title The science of climate science is a ‘problem’ article source Nature (United States) title Climate change: The cognitive dissonance that is causing climate scientists to […]

A new lawsuit against Google over ‘offensive’ ads

On May 3, the day before Thanksgiving, Google announced it was suing the Washington Post and the Guardian, claiming that its ad products violated the First Amendment.“These ads were deemed to be offensive, as they were designed to cause the user to feel discomfort or distress,” Google wrote in its filing.The two publications, which were […]

The Facebook Academic Research project is now closed to new applications

Hacker News article The Facebook academic research project has been shut down for now, according to a blog post by Facebook, the largest social network in the world.“As of today, the Facebook Academic research project is no longer available to new applicants,” reads the blog post, which was posted Monday.“We’re still trying to find the […]

How to read the academic research notebook

The academic research is a fascinating field, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking at.Luckily, we have an excellent resource on the subject, and we’ll take a look at a few of the most interesting and useful pieces of academic research that you might want to keep an eye on.1.Academia […]

Why you should study research

A study of the social impact of the work of academic researchers has found that most of the money from their research goes to fund the research that was done on their behalf.The study, which looked at funding from the United Kingdom and the United States, found that only 28% of the funding made by […]


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