How to write a good academic paper: How to get a solid paper

A little over a month ago, the University of Toronto announced that it had accepted the first application for the new, $1.4 million competition for researchers and students to write papers at the top-tier U.S. university.As part of the submission process, the university asks candidates to write an abstract, summarize their research, describe their methodology, […]

Researchers found the word ‘Academic’ could be used in the wrong context

A research team at the University of Warwick have discovered that the word “academic” is used in a very different way to that of its English counterpart.The team, led by Dr Robert Fennelly, also found that when people say “academics”, they are usually referring to academics.“We looked at whether people who are talking about academic […]

‘This Is My Life’: Inside the ‘This is my life’ startup

The startup is called ‘ThisIsMyLife,’ and it’s a digital version of a personal diary written in the first person by a woman.The app, which launched this week in Boston, is being marketed as a tool for those who are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.But the startup says it’s not trying to be something else: “ThisIsYourLife is […]

How to be an academic research professor in the US

When the Trump administration announced a new “science-based immigration policy” in May, many academics and scholars feared it would impact their work and careers.But now, in response to growing concerns about the new policy, a growing number of researchers and faculty members are advocating for the inclusion of “science research purpose” as a key part […]

Why are you paying less to be a full-time researcher?

TechCrunch: You’re not going to make much money.But if you are doing research in academia, you’re getting paid a lot more.Academic researchers are getting paid far more than other types of researchers.It’s a problem.As a new academic starts out, many will expect that they will be paid much more.And they are.The good news is that […]

How to build a brand for your research, study, and research labs

The Lad is an academic publishing journal.It was started in 2003, and was founded by two PhDs, who are now the two main authors of the journal.The Lad aims to offer a range of academic publications and services, including research and research-related services, and offers a unique combination of academic and research services, with a […]

What You Need to Know About Academic Stress Research and What You Can Do

What you need to know about academic stress: What can you do about it?How can you protect yourself from it?And how can you learn more about it so you can protect yourself?Academic stress research is a growing field in the fields of psychology and sociology, and the field of academic stress is a crucial area […]

Study shows academic pressure is the key factor in lowering rates of research misconduct

Research has shown that academic pressure on researchers can be the key to reducing research misconduct.The study, conducted by the University of Illinois, examined how academic pressure influences research misconduct rates, and it found that a study’s influence can be measured by its impact on the number of misconduct complaints, or whether or not researchers […]


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