RTE 1.9 million students are on course to become world’s leading scholars in 2020. 

The university, which is the world’s largest academic research institute, will also set up a new ‘Academic Research Infrastructure’ to allow students to study, work and collaborate in the same space. 

This includes an academic library, which will house the world-class collection of research and teaching materials. 

It will also provide access to research research projects, research centres and research data. 

“Academic research is one of the most important, and exciting, aspects of the university’s work,” said the university president, Dr Yvette Mwanza.

“This will allow us to transform our learning environment for our students, and to make a real difference in their lives.” 

Academic libraries are the key to unlocking the next generation of world-changing discoveries, research and technology. 

There are over 300 academic libraries in the world, with more than half of them in the United States. 

Professor Dr Alok Gupta, director of the University of Bristol’s Centre for Human Sciences, said: “It is an exciting time to be a scholar and a scholar is what we do. 

We will make an impact in the lives of young people and they are the ones who will benefit.” 

The new university will be housed at the University College London. 

Academics and researchers from around the world will visit the campus to learn, interact and work in a collaborative environment. 

A new Academic Research Infrastructure will also help to ensure that research is accessible to the entire university community. 

Research is funded through a grant from the European Research Council, the UK Science Foundation, the European Union and the World Health Organisation. 

More: Read more from RTE on Academy of Science: 


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