The Wall St. Journal,N.Y. — A new academic research paper published Monday finds that research has little impact on hiring decisions in academic nursing, with the exception of one important finding: Academics are often overqualified to do research.

The research, published in the journal Academic Nursing Research, looked at the tenure track at a large medical school in Florida, with students who were assigned to clinical nursing or clinical psychology.

The students had to complete a number of tasks before they could be considered for jobs in academic research.

For the study, the researchers analyzed data from the Nursing Employment Task Force (NITF) survey that measures the hiring and tenure status of academics.NITFs surveys are widely used to measure job placement in academic health care fields, and the data they collect provides a unique and sensitive snapshot of job placement for academic workers in the health care field.

It is not possible to directly measure how well academics perform in clinical nursing because their work is so highly specialized.

The researchers used a data set of 5,000 job postings from the NITFs to examine how many job applicants received jobs in the clinical field.

The study focused on the year before the survey was taken.

The study found that academic job placement was not a significant predictor of job tenure in clinical health care.

But the authors say that this finding “should be considered as evidence of the fact that the clinical nursing field may not be as well-served by academic nursing.”

The researchers conclude that “the evidence is that academic nursing candidates do not have an advantage in the medical career market.”

The paper notes that the lack of evidence on the effects of academic nurse positions on tenure in the academic field is a problem, given that academics are “the most qualified applicants to clinical positions in clinical research.”

The authors say this finding has a number a potential implications for the profession and medical students.

“The ability to recruit competent candidates with relevant expertise and experience could be important to the health of the profession, but the shortage of faculty trained in clinical skills and clinical care management will continue to be a problem for medical students,” they write.

“Academics have a lot of work to do to find ways to recruit and retain faculty with relevant academic skills and experience in the future.”

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