In January this year, the Supreme Court asked the Union government to take steps to stop the issuance of academic research documents.

Two years ago, the Centre had moved to restrict the issuance in the academic literature to journals with a circulation of at least 10,000 copies per annum.

Now, the court has directed the Centre to make it compulsory for all academic research papers to be published in open journals.

The move is being taken with the view to ensuring a uniform standard of quality for academic research.


On January 7, the government issued guidelines to all departments and colleges to implement the directive issued by the court.

In the first batch of these guidelines, it asked all colleges and universities to ensure that the academic papers published in their journals are not published in the public domain or on the internet.


The guidelines have been issued in three stages.

The first phase was to make the process of submitting academic research applications more efficient.

The second phase was a review of the guidelines and its implementation.

The third phase was the introduction of a new requirement for the submission of an academic research proposal.

The government has taken several steps to enhance the efficiency of the process.

The Department of Information Technology and Communications (DICT) has set up a new system to collect information on academic research proposals submitted through its portals.

The department has also set up an advisory panel on the issue.


In August this year the department of scientific education and research (DSTRE) in the department that runs the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) in Ahmedabad, issued a notice asking all universities to register for the first time, on a rolling basis, the number of submissions received in their academic journals in their respective journals.

This is an unprecedented step, and the Centre is trying to ensure a uniform system of submissions for all the academic publications of its universities.


The notice, issued on August 8, said that this new requirement was to be introduced in the coming months and would be implemented from January 1, 2019.

The central government is expected to issue similar notices for all departments that wish to submit academic research in their official journals.


The Centre is also planning to introduce a new policy that would facilitate the sharing of academic papers across various departments, colleges and educational institutions.

A proposal to create an inter-ministerial committee to share academic research reports is also in the pipeline.

The policy would include an open access policy for all publications.


The ministry of science and technology (MST) has also decided to set up committees on the submission issue and on the review of academic documents.

In a circular dated January 16, this ministry had asked all departments to submit the required information, including the academic status of their papers.

The circular has also asked all institutions to submit a report to MST within five working days, or within 10 days if the institution has fewer than 50 students, whichever is later.


A number of universities have been issuing academic research publications to their students in a bid to boost their academic standing.

This was a controversial move that was seen as undermining the academic standing of their students.

However, the ministry of scientific and technical education (MOSTE) in March this year decided to allow such publications and asked all universities and colleges, in accordance with the new regulation, to allow these publications for the next academic year.


The new rules have also come into effect for institutions that have a quota of 50 students.

The quota would be reduced to 50 per cent for all other universities, or to 25 per cent if there are no more than 50 student members.

Universities and colleges that have no more students would be allowed to accept only academic research manuscripts.


The issue of the issue of academic publications has come to a head after the Centre moved to amend the definition of an institutional journal to mean only those journals that have published at least one scientific paper.

This amendment was made on January 19, but the Centre did not issue any guidelines for the process to be followed by all universities.


The Supreme Court had asked the Centre in August 2016 to take actions to ensure uniform standards of quality and to set out guidelines for academic papers.

In its order, it had asked for guidelines on the definition and process for academic paper submission and for the implementation of the new rule.


The Central government has been keen to make academic papers available on the Internet, and has also been working on a mechanism to make all academic papers accessible.

However in March, the Union cabinet had passed a resolution directing all departments, boards and colleges and the Union information technology and communications ministry to submit all academic documents, in open and open-access formats, through its portal.

It had also directed the Ministry of Science and Technology to ensure transparency in the issuance and publication of academic literature.


In February this year a letter from the Ministry had said that the Centre was planning to amend a number of other related rules,


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