Microsoft Research says it plans to spend $100 million to launch academic research fleets

Microsoft Research’s academic research fleet plans to launch within the next three years, the company announced today.The goal is to deliver new products, services, and technologies in areas like education, science, technology, and business.Microsoft Research currently has academic research vehicles that deliver new software products, new services, new products and services for its academic research […]

‘I’m tired of the internet, I want to use my brain’ – Manoj Kumar Bhattarai explains why he decided to write a book on cryptocurrencies

In a recent interview with India Today, Manoj Bhattariya, a doctoral student at the Centre for Computational Science at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (CNSU), spoke about the challenges faced by scholars studying cryptocurrencies, why he’s convinced that they are valuable, and what it would take to make them widely adopted.“I’m a huge fan of cryptocurrencies, […]

How do you test for plagiarism in academic research?

By Ryan Vannett | Updated Dec. 25, 2018 9:17:42If you’re a college football fan, you’ve probably noticed that your favorite team’s players, coaches and offensive linemen are often accused of plagiarism.Many times, this accusation is made with no proof of wrongdoing on the part of the players.It’s not uncommon for coaches and players to cite […]

Aussie academic to write book about ‘unprecedented’ Australian science (PDF)

By Laura R.M. Evans The Conversation Australia article AUSTRALIA’S premier academic has revealed plans to write a book about how Australia’s scientific advances were shaped by the country’s colonial history and heritage.Dr Caroline M. Brown, who has taught at the University of Adelaide since 1996, told The Conversation that she had written her book after […]

How to use crypto currency for academic research

Crypto coins are gaining popularity as a form of academic research and this article has been updated.Read more about academic research in crypto coins.Crypto coins Are Peer-to-Peer Academic Research?Peer- to-peer academic research is a powerful form of peer-to and peer- to peer academic research.It is often done by groups of researchers working in a collaborative […]

When the word ‘genetic’ sounds scary, it’s probably because there’s a lot of good science to back it up

Science journalist Mark Rosewater says that the term “genetic” has a bad name because there are plenty of good researchers who are doing some really interesting work in the field of genetic engineering.Rosewater is the author of The Genetic Engineering Bible: The Scientific Case for Gene Editing, and he spoke to TechRadal about why the […]

The world’s biggest search engine has been hacked, it appears

The world has had a strange week as Google, the company that controls the search engine and social networks, has been attacked by a hacker group that appears to be affiliated with a Russian intelligence agency.The attack on Google follows reports that the company had been hacked in December.The hack was initially attributed to a […]

Which Academic Journals Are Best For You?

The Big Ten and the Big 12 are the two top-rated academic journals, according to a survey conducted by Thomson Reuters for Thomson Reuters Enterprise.The two major conferences rank No. 1 and No. 2 in the US and Europe, respectively.The AP’s top-ranked academic journal, Science, ranked at No. 5 in the United States.The National Institutes […]


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