When are students in the U.S. taking up academic research?

When are they studying?When?What is the current state of academic research in the United States?article As students of all types in this country, we all share an interest in academic research.However, the extent to which students in this nation are engaging with the profession is not well understood.In the U-S., our government continues to push […]

How to stop the fake news in your inbox

When you sign up for an academic journal, it’s important to know how your research will be received.The most popular journals, such as Science, Nature, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have an easy way to tell if their articles are being distributed to fake news outlets.In fact, there are multiple ways to see […]

Crowdsourcing Academic Research Benchmarks

On Thursday, the White House released the 2017 “Academic Research” benchmarking process.According to a White House press release, “the 2016 data shows that over half of the world’s colleges and universities are using research-based metrics to inform their decisions and deliver results that align with the needs of their students and the world.”In an email […]

How Bitcoin Could Be an Important Tool for Academic Research

I am an academic who is interested in the bitcoin blockchain, blockchain technology, and its applications.I am also an active user of bitcoin, bitcoin mining, and cryptocurrency trading.I have been an avid user of cryptocurrency for many years, but bitcoin has proven to be a particularly compelling option for my interests.I believe it is a […]

Which institutions use academic research credits?

The number of institutions using academic research to finance their research has increased dramatically in the past few years, and some are taking advantage of that growth.One notable trend has been the growth in the number of academic research grants.The amount of funding universities receive from research funding institutions has grown from about $1.6 billion […]

A study of academic nursing research bias is wrong, says research

The Wall St. Journal,N.Y. — A new academic research paper published Monday finds that research has little impact on hiring decisions in academic nursing, with the exception of one important finding: Academics are often overqualified to do research.The research, published in the journal Academic Nursing Research, looked at the tenure track at a large medical […]

A new paper says academic content is more ‘intellectual’ than ever

A new study has found that academics are more likely to think in terms of ideas than in terms a person can communicate.The paper was published in the journal PLoS ONE.It said that researchers wanted to know what factors made academic content more intellectual than it had been before.In the past, researchers looked at academic […]

How to protect academic research and the internet from cyberattacks

By Katherine VidalA year ago this week, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced that it would take on a much larger role in protecting academic research online and offline.The Department will be looking at how to help protect and manage online research and content in the U, as well as online research that is […]


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